Ichigo vs Byakuya (Second Time) [Bleach]

In what episode does Ichigo fight Byakuya for the second time?

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Ichigo fights Byakuya for the second time at Sōkyoku Hill of the Soul Society in Episode 55 of the Anime Bleach, with the title: “The Strongest Shinigami! The Ultimate Teacher and Student Showdown”.


Episode Summary:

Standing atop the Sōkyoku, Ichigo takes on the job of defender while Renji escapes with Rukia. After taking out three lieutenants, Captain Byakuya Kuchiki storms off toward Ichigo clashing there swords. After a short exchange of words the battle starts. Later on, Head Captian Yamamoto Genryusai engages his his two students Captain Jūshirō and Captain Shunsui in battle for there seemingly treasonous act.

Yoruichi later joins the fight rescuing Kiyone from Soi-Fon. Back at the battle between the 3 captains, Nanao becomes overwhelmed by the power emanating form the Head Captain. So much so that she had a problem breathing and had to be taken away by her Captain. The episode completes with Yamamoto unleashing his power and releasing his Ryūjin Jakka

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