Ichigo vs Aizen (Final) [Bleach]

In what episode does Ichigo fight Aizen (Final Time)?

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Aizen and Ichigo come face to face in battle for  last time in Episode 308 (in Season 14) of the  Anime Bleach, with the title: “Goodbye…Rangiku”.

Note: The battle continues to episode 309 where Ichigo uses his Final getsuga Tenshou (Saigo no Getsuga Tenshō).


Episode Summary:

After punching a whole in Aizen’s chest and taking the Hōgyoku, Gin concludes that Aizen was taken down.  His hopes were dashed though when Azien suddenly revived, and explained that the Hōgyoku is still connect to him even when taken away. In an instant after getting slashed by Aizen’s Sword, Gin started to have flashbacks of him, Rangiku and Aizen. In tears, Rangiku jumps on to the seemingly now dying Gin. Ichigo makes his entrance just in time to stop a possible attack by Aizien on Rangiku. Ichigo by this time however had undergone a transformation which at first perplexed everyone.

Gin after Stealing Hōgyoku

His appearance was different from his former Tensa Zangetsu form. Ichigo tells his friends not to move, with his new found strength he launches Aizen up through the air and lands him in a secluded area away for Karakura Town. The fight between Aizen and Ichigo commences with both seeming evenly matched. At first Aizen thought the swing of his sword was causing immense damage and so boasted. But Ichigo later explained that it was from his own sword, Giving a demonstration of his superior power shortly after.

Aizen wounded by Gin

Gin's Eyes

Rangiku and Gin

Ichigo and Aizen in sky

Ichigo vs Aizen

 Ichigo Catches Aizen's Sword

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