Ichigo Fights Aizen for First Time [Bleach]

In what episode does Ichigo fight Aizen for the first time?

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Ichigo fights Aizen for the first time on Sokyoku Hill in Episode 61 of the Anime Bleach with the title: “Aizen Stands! His Terrifying Ambitions “


Captain Unohana and lieutenant Isane
Unohana and lieutenant Isane



Bleach Episode 61

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Episode Summary:

Renji and Rukia find themselves back at Sokyoku Hill where they find with them also Captain Aizen. After finding Aizen’s Location, Captain Unohana tells her lieutenant Isane to inform all the captains, lieutenant, seated officers and the Ryoka of Aizen’s plot and his current location. Back at Sokyoku Hill Aizen Threatens Renji to let go of Rukia but he decides to keep her.


Ichigo,Renji and Rukia

Aizen Catches Ichigo's Sword
Aizen Catches Ichigo’s Sword

Learning of the situation Ichigo arrives just in time to save an Injured Renji. This is Ichigo’s first encounter and fight with Aizen. Both Ichigo and Renji decide to team-up to fight, however they were defeated, with Ichigo almost cut in half. Aizen is surprised to see that Ichigo was still conscious after his injuries and decides to explain how they played a part in his plan. He also tells him about his ambitions also relating to Rukia how Kisuke hid the Hogyoku in her body. His talk was cut short by an attack from Komamura.

Aizen hold Rukia

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