Bang vs Garou [One-Punch Man]

In what episode does Bang fight Garou?

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During his fight with Genos, Garou was attacked by his master Bang and forced to fight for his life in Season 2 Episode 11 (which continues in episode 12) of the Anime One-Punch Man , with the title: “Everyone’s Dignity”. 


Episode Summary:

Facing the onslaught of 8 skilled sub S class heroes hero’s, Garou seemed to have him self in a bind. Having not yet fully recovered, made fighting a chore and to make matters worse he had been poisoned by Shooter’s arrows. He however managed to turn the tables with a quick successive take out of 4 of his opponents. shortly after he makes quick work of Smile Man, Stinger and Glasses who tried to counter him. Death Gatling feared no better as even his most powerful attack did no real damage to Garou. In the process of deflecting Death Gatling’s bullets, Garou managed to save Tareo (the little boy) who got scared and ran away. Garou gets no time to rest however as he is confronted by Genos who responded to Glasses’ Backup call.

Elsewhere Saitama and King are seen playing some video games which was interrupted due to King’s mobile phone message. Back at the battle field, Garou manages to hold his own against Genos despite his condition. A short interruption was made by some monsters of the Monster Association trying to recruit Garou but were killed by Genos. As both were to resume their battle, Bang appeared on the scene with a kick to Garou’s face and asks Genos to allow him and Bomb to fight Garou.

Genos Vs Garou
E11 Genos Vs Garou
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