All Might vs All For One [My Hero Academia]

In what episode does All Might fight All For One?

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All Might fights the villain All For One in Episode 48 (Season 3) of the  Anime My Hero Academia, with the title: “Symbol of Peace”.


Episode Summary:

All Might and his team of heroes manage to find the League of Villains and restrict them. Their moment of success was short lived however when All For One teleport them away from the scene along with Bakugo. All For One transports them to his location, there laid  a group of Pro Heroes he took out which included Best Jeanist. Izuku, Shoto, Momo, and Tenya who were on the scene were fear stricken because of all that took place. Soon after All Might came flying through the sky and clashes with All For One. Bakugo during that time had to try and evade the League of Villains who wanted to capture him.

Wanting to save his teamate, Izuku comes up with a plan that would help him and his friends rescue Bakugo. After Bakugo escapes with his teammates, All For One decides to teleport away Shigaraki and the rest of the League of Villains in order to protect them. The fight then resumes with him and All Might.

Izuku, Shoto, Momo, and Tenya

Shigaraki and All For One

Bakugo vs Villains

Might Vs All For One

All Might vs All For One 2
All Might lands a heavy hit on All For One
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